cargo stabilizer
cargo stabilizer



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Besides using it during the rest of the season in my RV and just running errands in my wifes car, it also keeps the big gas can and tool box from moving around in the back of my truck that I use for snow plowing.
-- Tom D, Rochester, NY
I was a little skeptical at first, but now I cant seem to get by without it. I use it with my little flatbed around the property as well as in all my vehicles. Its everything that it says it is and more.
-- Dennis P, Englewood, FL
I was asked to do some extreme testing with the Wedge-it. I entered into it thinking this thing might work in some cases but Im really going to push it to the limit. I placed a plastic milk crate in the back of my old Suburban. My Suburban has one of those hard plastic runners that everything slides around in. I placed the crate in the corner along with the Wedge-it. I was blown away! I slid the truck side ways, slammed on the brakes and tried to accelerate from a standing start. I couldnt get it to move. I started laughing and now I wont leave the driveway without it.
-- Vince A, Roseville, CA

I saw someone take two coolers -- a medium and a large one. There was also a heavy case of water and a case of Snapple. This was placed on an RV ramp that appeared to be at about 45 degree angle. I was surprised this thing held everything and kept it from sliding off. The guy testing asked me to sit on one of the coolers and see if that made a difference. It held me and all the other stuff without showing a sign of budging. I told him Im totally sold and want to be the first customer.
-- Mark M, Roseville, CA

"I actually bought this to use in my boat, but I thought Id try it in the two recent moves I made with a U-haul trailer. I was really surprised to see how well it held in this type of environment. It even held back some very heavy and tall items to my surprise. I just ordered a second one for my truck."
-- Brian H, Loomis, CA

"With all the shopping and running around I do with the kids everyday. My husband thought I needed something like this. I didn't really understand what it was, and just left it in the back of my mini van for weeks before I even thought of using it. I tried it with the groceries and became a believer. It even held back those pesky plastic bags that tend to spill everything out all over the place. I now try to invent things to do with it. It even holds my daughter's soccer ball from rolling around in the back. I'd buy a second one if I knew it would hold my kids steady for a while."
-- Sheila, Rochester, NY




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